Code of Ethics 

Uummati Perinatal Support Program Code of Ethics 

Uummati Mission and Mandate:

The Uummati Program training aims to train and offer continuous, non-medical, culturally relevant care to be a part of a multidisciplinary role in the perinatal team. This role will bridge the gap of emotional, physical, and informational informed care in the current birthing system. Families come out of the program informed, empowered, supported, happier, and healthier.

While this is an important program it is a non-medical program. We can refer you in the right direction if you have medical questions. Our aim is to link the gap to the medical field; if we don’t do it, it will be forgotten. Inuit thought it was a natural way of life that we had to go through and had a good knowledge about perinatal care. Incorporating Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit to a birthing role will give us more care.

Uummati Perinatal Support Program statement:

All participants who participate in the “Uummati Perinatal Support programs” will conduct themselves under the Uummati Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice. This includes using Inuit Societal Values and the Doula Scope of Practice as a guide in all programming as well as professional and personal conduct.

Uummati incorporates Inuit Societal Values in its mandate and delivery. Qanuqtuurniq (being innovative and resourceful), Piliriqatigiinniq (working together for a common cause), Aajiiqatigiingniq: Consensus– Decision Making, Aajiiqatigiinniq (arriving at a decision through discussion and consensus) and Pijitsirniq (to serve). These values align with the scope of practice and transfer of our program.

Uummati Perinatal Support Worker:

The Uummati Perinatal Support Worker is someone who has met all the requirements for certification as outlined by “Uummati Perinatal Support Program” and has agreed to practice in accordance within the guidelines set out in Uummati code of ethics. 

The code of ethics describes the context for practice and the ethical principles that are expected to be adhered to. The code of ethics includes a description of the relationship between the Uummati Perinatal Support Worker, the person or persons who are being supported, as well as other members, formal and informal, of the support team. The scope of Uummati practice and the values that the Perinatal Support worker demonstrates in their daily practice.

Principle Guidelines for Uummati Practice:

The Uummati practice is built upon Inuit Societal Values and the Doula Scope of Practice. At the core of these is the ability of the Uummati Perinatal Support Worker to establish a collaborative relationship with the person or persons who are being supported, regardless of the length of time in the relationship. In order to best facilitate this, the relationship must therefore be built upon these guiding principles. 

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